My being creative involves use of found objects, oil on canvas, nature, graphite, life and so much more.  Enjoy my works as much as I enjoy creating them.  





AFA -  Minneapolis Community and Technical College - Minneapolis, MN

BA -    Metropolitan State University - Minneapolis, MN

MA -   Metropolitan State University - Minneapolis, MN 


 Being creative began when I was around 10 years old or so. I watched my father doodle stick figures, compact cars and strange buildings using a stub pencil on paper or sometimes on the corners of magazine pages.  Mimicking him, I would blow my breath on a windowpane and finger doodle.  From there I drew buildings with rooms, and I would add furniture.  From there I discovered watercolor and I loved the affect when I threw salt on my work. Then I discovered oil paint and canvases and brushes and the wonderful National Geographic Magazine which is still a source of my inspiration.  In there are places I know I will never see so I paint through the eyes of photographers.  BUT I often decide(ed) to use my own visions, my own moods, my own photos and so I paint on a canvas or tac board and sometimes still, on windowpanes.  I consider myself "self-taught" for the most part because of Mr. Brice, my father.   

I was born in North Carolina, and I now reside in Minnesota. 

What are groups???

A past tense member of the Charlotte Artist Society in NC.

A past tense member of the Women's Caucus for Art.

Life offers paradoxes and the thrill is working it all out to the best of my ability